Ecoprod Label

The Ecoprod label was created in 2022 to provide a common framework to define a green production. Over 100 companies, including major production companies and the main French broadcasters have signed a common statement in December 2022 comitting to using the tool on their productions.

The Ecoprod label lists actions for each departement, from script to post-production to help all productions reduce their environmental impact and enables you to:

  • self-assess your production by measuring your sustainability score,
  • certify your production and be awarded the ECOPROD LABEL. To be eligible for the Ecoprod label the production has to meet all the mandatry requirements (blue critieria), reach a score of at least 65% and be audited by AFNOR Certification. The audit details are being finalized and will be published in September 2023.

The Ecoprod Label Framework

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To calculate your green production score, download the Excel sheet of the Ecoprod Label.