The audiovisual sector emits about 1 million tonnes CO2 equivalent in the atmosphere each year, of which about a quarter is directly related to filming according to a study on the sector conducted in 2011. For a better consideration of the environment in productions audiovisual, six industry players (ADEME, AUDIENS, Île de France film Commission, DIRECCTE IDF, France Télévisions and TF1) launched the Ecoprod initiative and created the group in 2009.

Ecoprod is not a label, but a brand signature, which aims to ensure the mobilization of audiovisual professionals. Ecoprod develops and provides professional resource center to reduce the environmental footprint of their business through free tools such as fact sheets, stories, guides, directories, follow-up productions. The website highlights the partners and aims to facilitate contact between local stakeholders.


In 2010, the group developed the first carbon footprint calculator dedicated to audiovisual productions, the Carbon'Clap. In 2011, production accompaniments were conducted to test the tools and ensure the duplicability practices. Three new players have joined the collective: the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, the Pôle Média Grand Paris and the National Film Centre and the moving image. In 2012 the eco-production guide, a tool to promote audiovisual productions environmentally was presented at Cannes. A partnership has been initiated with the Eco-Business Act to allow producers to offset emissions with the rigor required for voluntary offsets. In 2013, the group focuses specifically on waste management in the industry and is conducting a study with the support of the DIRECCTE. In 2014 the Collective launches the " Commitment Charter " to commit signatory companies in a process of continuous improvement of information, reflection and implementation, supervised and aided by tools and services made available by the collective. In 2015 the COP 21 was an opportunity to organize events and roundtables around the Ecoprod approach by partnering with FILM4CLIMATE.

The Ecoprod collective can concretely support productions that want to reduce their ecological footprint. It is also present at major industry events such as the Cannes Film Festival, the Deauville Green Award, the Salon of film locations, conferences and round tables in France and Europe.


  • A commitment charter for all audio-visual service providers, to gragually help take the environment into account through training.
  • A calculator to evaluate a production's environmental footprint and identify the main sources of CO2 emissions.
  • A guide to incentivise, embed good practice and share sustainable tips from each production's expertise. Ecoprod highlights initiatives within the sector with interviews and feedback




All decisions are taken by consensus by the steering committee, which meets once every two months. Partners share principles of action: long-term effort, free for users, complementary approaches, application of the recommendations in the partner structures.


The actions and tools developed draw largely on the knowledge of professionals from the industry and on external environmental expertise. 606 professionals are registered on the site and have expressed an interest in the project. The website is largely based on personal accounts and sharing experiences. The objective is the appropriation of tools and methods by the industry.



The Ecoprod action group includes public and private broadcasters, production support structures, government experts and the industry’s pensions body. It is open to any new stakeholder who is willing to adopt the collegiate working methods of the group, which are governed by a partnership agreement.


The Agency for Environment and Energy Management is a public establishment of an industrial and commercial nature, under the joint supervision of the Ministries of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Planning and Higher Education and Research.


Audiens, the welfare group dedicated to trades in broadcasting, communication, media and entertainment, aims to support its public throughout life in the areas of health, pensions, retirement and complementary social action. The responsibility of our trades involves the values of respect and solidarity that are reflected in our commitment to sustainable development since 2003. First French group in social protection to have produced a carbon footprint in 2008, Audiens invested to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated by its operations and employees while trying to have its suppliers adopt this approach. Supporting Ecoprod, Audiens Group continues its commitment to its audiences. We are strengthening our societal role as a partner in the construction of this major initiative proposed for image professionals in France.

The Ile de France Film Commission

The Ile-de-France Film Commission is a public cultural establishment that was created in 2004 at the initiative of the Ile-de-France Region in the context of its cultural policy to raise the status of the film and audiovisual industry. This institution has the goal of actively creating the best conditions to highlight the region’s potential while supplying the means to strengthen its international presence. Its main duties are to facilitate filming in the region by offering French and foreign film crews the best possible work conditions and production framework and to facilitate the setting up of French and foreign co-productions.The Film Commission offers a complete set of services to strengthen the appeal of the Ile de France region as a filming location especially adapted to cinema and audiovisual production.

France Télévisions

With six national television channels, 24 regional branches, 9 ultramarines antennas and a complete range of digital services, France Télévisions is the leading French broadcasting group of public service. France Télévisions must be, more than any other, copy, holder of civic values, in keeping with the times, in the service of all the public to act through our business, inform and educate. The group was therefore launched in 2009 in the Ecoprod process with the assistance of its five partners. Today, France Télévisions fully supports Ecoprod and conscious approach to this issue, the group works with its employees and its suppliers to measure the impact of a growing number of its products, to reduce gradually by applying the  eco-production instructions. Aware of its role in the public debate, the group also offers on its branches dealing emissions issues related to sustainable development, both in its environmental, social, economic and cultural.

Le Pôle Media Grand Paris

Le Pôle Media Grand Paris is a French cluster for audiovisual and film industry in the north of Paris. We are a nonprofit organization that gathers enterprises, public authorities, academic and research players. Our members cover all the activities of a digital media industry: cinema, television, cross media, CGI animation, digital archive…

Le Pôle Media Grand Paris provides its members with strategic information, networks and resources. Our highlights are competitive intelligence (mainly through an observatory for digital industries in the north of Paris), training, partnerships (especially with French and European media clusters), funding solutions and international development. Since 2013, we have been focused on multi screen production through a dedicated action that includes transmedia training and innovative coaching. We also coproduce Cross Video Days, a top tier European crossmedia event.


TF1 is the first French television channel and is the market leader. TF1’s activities cover the entire range from audiovisual television and film production to distribution of DVDs and music CDs. TF1 also produces multimedia content and is present in the pay-TV business with channels in France and abroad (Eurosport). Program purchases represent the second largest source of GHG emissions in the carbon evaluation. Considering that the solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of audiovisual productions were still to be determined, both for its domestic production and its suppliers, TF1 set out, at the end of 2008, to seek partners to launch the Ecoprod project, and support it till now. TF1 also signed the Paris Actions Climat Charter in October 2015.




  • PGA Green Production Guide : Featuring nearly 2,000 companies that provide sustainable and energy saving products and services for film, television and commercial productions, The Green Production Guide aims to take all media green one set at a time.
  • Flanders Audiovisual Fund / E-mission : green criteria, carbon calculator, green consultant,for each granted film & trainings.
  • Wallimage : guidelines and trainings. 



  • The Netherlands Film Fund : sustainability manager for each granted film, workshops, sharing best practices, green suppliers and tips.  

 More information about European organization on the cine-regio green report 2015  



We invite you to read the ECO-COP magazine published during the COP-21 in cooperation with Film4Climate

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