At the 77th Cannes Film Festival, Ecoprod will, for the third time, honor  films and their teams that exemplify outstanding practices in sustainable production.

The Ecoprod award is designed to encourage and celebrate environmentally conscious practices in an industry known for its resource-intensive processes.

The Ecoprod Award jury, which includes environmental activist and filmmaker Cyril Dion, director Antoine Barraud, producer Christine de Jekel and green production manager Pauline Gil, will highlight feature films presented at the Cannes Film Festival demonstrating the highest standards of environmental responsibility

The award ceremony will take place on Friday 17 May 2022 at 12:00 on the CST pavilion in the presence of the jury, the award winners and Ecoprod members. 



9 films shortlisted for the 2024 Ecoprod Award


  • ANIMALE by Emma Benestan, June Films - Semaine de la Critique
  • LE ROMAN DE JIM by Arnaud et Jean-Marie Larrieu, SBS Productions - Cannes Première
  • LE ROYAUME by Julien Colonna, Chi-Fou-Mi Productions - Un Certain Regard
  • LES FANTÔMES by Jonathan Millet, Films Grand Huit - Semaine de la Critique
  • MARIA by Jessica Palud, Les Films de Mina - Cannes Première
  • NIKI by Céline Sallette, Cinéfrance Studios, Wild Bunch, Onzecinq, Hologram, Panache Productions La Cie Cinématographique - Un Certain Regard
  • SAUVAGES by Claude Barras, Haut et Court - Cannes Première, 
  • SAVANNA AND THE MOUTAIN by Paulo CARNEIRO, Bam Bam Cinema, La Pobladora Cine - Quinzaine des Cinéastes
  • THE OTHER WAY AROUND by Jonás Trueba, Los Ilusos Films - Quinzaine des Cinéastes
Congratulations on these great applications !
The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on May 17 at noon.
See you on CST stand

Jury 2024 


For this exceptional event, the Ecoprod team has put together a jury,just as exceptional : 

  • Cyril Dion, Writer, filmmaker, poet and environmental activist

In late 2006, with Pierre Rabhi, he helped found the Colibris movement, which he led until 2013. In 2014, he wrote and co-directed the film Demain with Mélanie Laurent which received the César for best documentary in 2015. He published his first collection of poems, Assis sur le fil, in 2014 with Editions de La Table ronde. In 2017, he published Petit manuel de résistance contemporaine with Actes Sud. He is one of the guarantors of the French Citizens' Climate Convention. In 2021, he directed Animal, a film about our relationship with the living world and the mass extinction of species. It was part of the "Cinema for Climate" section of the Cannes Film Festival 2021. In 2022, Cyril Dion wrote and starred in the three-part series Un Monde Nouveau, broadcast on Arte and directed by Thierry Robert. In May 2024, his new poetry collection La route sans fin will be published by Castor Astral.

  • Antoine Barraud, Director, screenwriter, SRF member

After the short films Monstre (2004), Déluge (2005) and Monstre, numéro deux (2007), Antoine Barraud directed portraits of filmmakers (Kenneth Anger, Kohei Oguri, Shuji Terayama and Koji Wakamatsu). He produced the restoration of Pierre Clémenti's Trois films inédits and co-produced Tsai Ming Liang's medium-length film Madam Butterfly. In 2012, he produced Stephen Dwoskin's experimental film Age is..., and directed his first feature, Les Gouffres with Nathalie Boutefeu and Mathieu Amalric. Both films were presented at Locarno in 2012. In 2015, he directed Le Dos Rouge with Bertrand Bonello and Jeanne Balibar (Berlinale 2015) and produced, with his company House on Fire, L'Ornithologue, by João Pedro Rodrigues (Prix de la mise en scène Locarno 2016) followed by Cassandro, the exotico by Marie Losier (Acid 2018). He has contributed to numerous cinema books (on Sharunas Bartas, Japanese cinema, Stephen Dwoskin...) and published interviews with João Pedro Rodrigues (Ed Centre Pompidou/Post) in 2016. His third feature, Madeleine Collins starring Virginie Efira, was  released in December 2021. He co-wrote Marie Losier's next film (Sugar Bomb) and is currently working on his fourth feature, L'homme Invisible.

  • Christine de Jekel, Producer and executive producer

Christine de Jekel started out at the age of seventeen as a production assistant for Les Films de La Guéville, where she met Jean Genet, who hired her as a documentalist. After assisting him for more than a year, she moved into production management and quickly made her mark as a location manager on a dozen films, including Nikita, Roselyne et les lions, Tandem and Grosse Fatigue. In 2000, she became production manager for some twenty feature films, including Se souvenir des belles choses, Huit Femmes, Swimming Pool, Podium and Jean-Philippe. In 2008, Marc Missonnier and Olivier Delbosc invited her to join their company Fidélité Films as Executive Producer. These included Renoir, Astérix au service de sa majesté, J'ai toujours rêvé d'être un gangster, Le Petit Nicolas, L'Odyssée and Marguerite. In 2007, Christine de Bourbon-Busset embarked on a series adventure with Lincoln TV: Pigalle la nuit, HP, Mirage, Cheyenne & Lola... In 2015, the two producers split up and each created their own company, Curiosa Films and Moana Films. Since 2015, Christine de Jekel has worked exclusively for the three companies, producing both prestige films and daring projects such as Gueule d'ange, Illusions perdues, La Tresse, Les Choses humaines, En attendant Bojangles, Le Consentement, La passion de Dodin Bouffant and the D'argent et de sang series. Having three children of her own, Christine de Jekel quickly felt a responsibility to take action in the field. The film industry has been slow to realize its environmental impact, but it's never too late to reconsider. Taking up the subject of green production seemed obvious to her, and that's why it's so important for her to work with the crews on each film to identify best practices.

  • Pauline Gil, Green production manager, trainer

Pauline Gil has been working as  green production manager since 2018. She works mainly on series: L'Effondrement (Canal +), Germinal (FTV), Toutes ces choses qu'on ne s'est pas dites (Canal+), Narvalo (Canal+). She has also worked on several films: Alex Hugo (FTV), Je suis né à 17 ans (FTV). Alongside her work as a green production manager, Pauline is an in-school trainer, as well as a trainer for the two green production certification courses offered by Ecoprod and La Fabrique des Formats.