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International Newsletter - July 2023

Ecoprod has been active since 2009 to make the film and TV industry more sustainable. Today the non-profit association brings together 300 companies committed to working together to reduce the industry’s impact.
Ecoprod gathers on its website many free resources and tools such as practical guidesstudies, a carbon calculator, a certification scheme with the Ecoprod Label and a green production guide. It also offers training for professionals and students.
Over the past months we have been working on updating our existing tools and launching new ones that we are happy to share with you: 
  • Launch of the English version of our carbon calculator, Carbon'Clap
  • Release of the Ecoprod Label in English 
  • The first guide for green animation is looking for international partners
  • A new practical guide for shooting in natural spaces and protecting biodiversity
  • In Cannes, two films received the Ecoprod awards


The Carbon'Clap is one of Ecoprod's historic tools, launched in 2012 and updated in 2017. In 2022, Ecoprod conducted a complete redesign of the tool to update the calculation methodology and modernize the user experience. The tool was designed and developed with industry stakeholders and environmental experts. 
With Carbon'Clap you can measure the carbon footprint of an audiovisual, film or advertising project. By entering physical and financial data in the tool you can assess how much greenhouse gas emissions are emitted for the production of your project and identify the activities with the highest impact. A better understanding of the carbon footprint of a production can guide your choices and strategies for avoiding and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Carbon’Clap also allows you to report your carbon footprint to your stakeholders such as broadcasters, coproducers or film funds, which can compile the data of all their project in a company dashboard. Company accounts are, for now, made available exclusively to Ecoprod members.
Carbon'Clap is available free of charge to professionals in the audiovisual, film and advertising sectors. The tool has been certified by the CNC (French national film fund) in March 2023 and is being used by the main French broadcasters and producers.

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Discover how to set up your account, create a project and start measuring your projects footprint in the user guide.

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On Wednesday the 6th of September at 4pm (Paris time) we will be offering a free online walkthrough of the Carbon'Clap to guide you through the tool and answer all the questions you might have!

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The Ecoprod label was created in 2022 to provide a common framework to define a green production. Over 100 companies, including major production companies and the main French broadcasters have signed a common statement in December 2022 comitting to using the tool for their productions.
The Ecoprod label lists actions for each departement, from script to post-production for all types of projects (fiction, documentary, shows,...) to guide them towards reducing the environmental impact of the production process. The labels enables you to:self-assess your production by measuring your sustainability scorecertify your production and be awarded the ECOPROD LABEL. To be eligible for the Ecoprod label the production has to meet all the mandatry requirements (blue critieria), reach a score of at least 65% and be audited by AFNOR Certification. The audit details are being finalized and will be published in September 2023.


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La Cartouch'Verte and Ecoprod presented the first green production guide for animation at the Annecy Film Festival!
This practical, operational tool is made up of 60 fact sheets listing 150 concrete actions to reduce the impact of the animation industry.

Download the Guide in French

The tool is made available for free in French on our website. We are currently working on translating the guide into English, but since every country has specific issues, regulations and differently structured industries we are looking for international partners to create country-specific versions of the guide. Feel free to reach out to our team if you are interested in working on this topic!

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Audiens, Ecoprod and IFFCAM launched a new guide for shooting in natural spaces to help all types of productions (dramas, series, commercials, documentaries) protect biodiversity during location scouting and filming.
The guide lists 10 potential direct risks: noise pollution, trampling, air pollution, odors generated by humans, light pollution, toxic pollution, diseases and invasive species, human-animal contact, overflights and over-frequentation. 10 comprehensive fact sheets address the causes, effects and alternatives (technical and organizational) of each of these risks. It also highlights best practices in relation to fundamental issues such as waste management, responsible purchasing, filming with animals, fire hazards, etc.
An English version will be launched on the coming months.


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During the 76th Cannes film festival, Ecoprod awarded, for the second time, two films presented at the festival and produced in the most sustainable way possible.
The Ecoprod award jury featured actor Jérémie Rénier, actress and director Audrey Dana, environmental activist Camille Etienne, set manager and sustainability steward Alexis Giraudeau and producer Barbara Letellier (Haut et Court). The jury reviewed the applications of the 11 selected films and decided to hand out two awards :
  • The International Ecoprod Award went to the team of La Chimera directed by Alice Rohrwacher and produced by Tempesta, Ad Vitam Productions, Amka Film Productions and Rai Cinema.
  • The Ecoprod France Award went to the team of Acide directed by Just Phlippot and produced by Bonne Pioche Cinema.

The award ceremony took place in Cannes in attendance of the Jury and the Chiefs Watatakalu and Tapi, representatives of the AFV Rainforest Organization.