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Dernière évaluation : 09/06/2020

Mercenaries Engineering is the editor of Production-Proven Software dedicated to the animation and the VFX industries: Guerilla and Rumba.
Guerilla Station and Guerilla Render is a Heavy-Weight Look Development, Assembly, Lighting and Rendering Solution used on a wide range of Productions, from Full CG to Hybrid and VFX, from Feature Films to TV Series, from low budget to medium and high budget. State of the Art Software, Guerilla is easy to use and to deploy in your pipeline and will give you all the flexibility you need for your productions with no compromise on performances.
Rumba is the productive 3D Animation Software dedicated to the animators art. Designed from the ground-up for animation, Rumba makes the animation process fast and intuitive. It provides a real-time creative experience that reduces time-consuming tasks to let the animators focus on their artistic expression.


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