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Ecoprod supports the CNC's environmental policy and becomes an association

28 juin 2021

Ecoprod welcomes the CNC's ambitious environmental policy and has formed an association to support the transition of the Image sector.

The Ecoprod collective (Audiens, CST, Film France, Film Paris Region, Canal +, France Télévisions, TF1) welcomes the CNC's recent announcements in favor of an ambitious public policy for the ecological transition of the film, audiovisual and moving image industries.


For the past 10 years, the Collective has been promoting these proposals and working to encourage the consideration of environmental issues within the image industry. The CNC's announcements will help accelerate the sector's transition and Ecoprod must grow to support this dynamic, which is widely expected by professionals, judging by the increasing number of requests made to the Collective.


It is with a federating ambition that Ecoprod will be structured as a non-profit association of general interest.

This association wants to be an independent place of cooperation and exchange. It will mobilize and federate the actors of the audiovisual sector through their participation in the missions and work of the new association.

This association will not only be a place for consultation but also a resource center to raise awareness, train and provide concrete support to professionals with tools, advice and studies in line with the work done by the Collective since 2009.

The association's scope of action covers the moving image sectors, including, but not limited to, the audiovisual and film industries, video games and digital experiences, and the advertising sector.


Ecoprod representatives will be present at the Festival de Cannes (at the Film France-Ficam stand and at several round tables) and will be open to suggestions from all professionals. Indeed, it is precisely at the moment when the association is created that it is necessary to open the dialogue, to federate and to mobilize the greatest number to create a structure useful to all.

The association will then be able to welcome its first members in the fall.


Ecoprod is perfectly in phase with the CNC: the image sector must contribute to the common effort to preserve our planet and be able to continue shooting films there.

The latest Ecoprod study (Nov. 2020) evaluates the carbon impact of the audiovisual and cinema sector in France at 1.7 million tCO2/eq per year. This study underlines the economic, regulatory and climatic necessity to adapt the sector to environmental issues. Ecoprod works at national and European level. Its slogan for the European project GreenScreen is very clear: NO PLANET NO FILM!


Ecoprod is supported by the members of the collective, Audiens, the CNC, the CST, Film France, Film Paris Region, Canal +, France Télévisions and TF1, as well as by the AFDAS and the Earth Avocats firm.