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28 juin 2021

Ecoprod and its partners will be present at the Cannes Film Market!

Meet us at the Film France-Ficam stand located at the International Village - Riviera, pavilion 105 from July 8th to 14th.

Our contacts on site are Alissa Aubenque, coordinator of Ecoprod (contact via, as well as members of the collective Baptiste Heynemann (CST), Joanna Gallardo (Film Paris Region) and Caroline Julliard-Mourgues (Film France).



We will organize a breakfast in partnership with the CST on their stand at the International Village - Riviera, pavilion 107 on Sunday, July 11 from 10am. Come and eat a croissant with us!



The Cannes Film Festival will also be the opportunity to exchange on the subject of eco-production during two digital roundtables in English organized in partnership with Birgit Heidsiek, editor-in-chief of Green Film Shooting magazine.


Ecoprod & Green Film Shooting present:

New innovations for green production

Date: July 13, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


11:00 a.m.  -  Are new technologies always more sustainable? 

The use of energy-efficient LED lights is often recommended as a best practice. But are LED lights, in any case, more energy-efficient or can the use of a traditional HMI light sometimes be a better solution? The state-of-the-art technology virtual production enables productions to create any kind of set in the studio, which reduces set decoration, mobility, and transportation to a minimum. But digital production requires saving huge amounts of data, which is energy intensive.

Experienced film industry experts will discuss advanced technological innovations and their real costs to the environment by considering their carbon footprint as well as their life-cycle assessment.

  •       Benoît Ruiz, Workflowers – France
  •       Nils Maier, Gaffer & CEO of the rental house Maier Bros – Germany
  •       Giovanni Pompeli, Producer & line producer, Kino produzioni – Italy
  •       Olivier Marchetti, CEO of Studio Provence – France


12:00 p.m.  -  What is (really) a green film? 

Ecological sustainability in film production is open to many different approaches. There are various methods and tools but no common standards or understandings, which raises the question of which criteria make a production green and how it can be certified as such. Is it enough to simply measure the carbon footprint? What can be done to avoid greenwashing in film production? Does eco-friendly film production also require green storytelling? And what is about social responsibility

Film professionals and representatives from film funds will debate the differences and difficulties of defining a green production.

  •       Alissa Aubenque, Ecoprod Coordinator – France
  •       Cyril Dion, Director (Demain, Animal) – France
  •       Katharina Retzlaff, German Federal Film Board – Germany
  •       Nevina Satta, Sardegna Film Commission – Italy



The Ecoprod & Green Film Shooting roundtables will take place online as part of the Cannes Marché du Film and will be streamed on Facebook.

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